Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold

108 x 108cm, framed.
This piece is being sold with all proceeds going to the NHS. It will feature in the local newspaper and the local Waitrose is exhibiting it for a few weeks. Sarah has also written the poem below to accompany her painting.








When dark clouds form and skies are grey
your hearts of gold they shine!
You’re there when we need care and hope
your gentle hands define.
When all around are scared to breathe
to shop, to walk, to live
your hearts of gold both day and night
beside us there to give.
Where you find your strength who knows
The power to keep on going
When all around are locked inside
and fearful from just knowing.
We have to keep blue skies in mind
With sunshine warm and bright.
We need to think of life and love
on the darkest nights.
But through it all we tell ourselves
We will come through this war.
Those hearts of gold who give their all
Their hands again scrubbed raw.
They have no bounds or thought of self
These angels from the National Health.
Another day, a story told
Of heroes with their
Hearts of gold! 
Sarah Pye

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